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Form 5500 Manager Reviewer Training

When we prepare your filings, our quality is top notch!

However, if you are required to also review your 5500 filings and not sure what it all means or how to approach, we can help! This session will provide an overview of each schedule and can be customized to your needs, including:

  • Most Common Errors to Avoid,
  • Schedule Coordination Requirements,
  • Confirm Final Auditor’s Report Coordinates with Filing,
  • Understand the Expanded Schedule C ,
  • Reduce Chances of an Audit by the DOL and IRS, and
  • Help Avoid Correspondence from DOL and IRS.

In the Reviewer training session, a copy of all Form 5500 schedules are provided and noted with common errors and corresponding line items that need to be consistent with other line items. This serves as an effective reference tool to use during each review. Both Reviewers and Preparers should attend the Reviewer Training session to perform a self-review and then a peer review.

(1/2 – 1 full day session)