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2012 Form 5500 Need To Know Updates Webinar!

The 2012 Form 5500 preparation season is here. Are you ready?
Who Will Benefit?
  • Third Party Administrators (TPAs) that prepare Form 5500 filings.
  • HR professionals responsible for preparing Form 5500 filings.
  • TPAs and HR managers responsible for quality review of filings.
Stay ahead of the curve! Learn valuable pointers, including:
  • What’s new for 2012?
  • What are the DOL and IRS focusing on?
  • DFVC Program recent updates.
  • Prevent Form 5558 IRS acceptance problems.
  • Increase efficiencies when preparing health & welfare filings.
  • Avoid common errors and misconceptions regarding submission.
  • Clear up the confusion with Schedule C and IRS Form 8955-SSA.
  • Q & A’s and more!

90-minute recording of this webinar  only $75. Click the Buy Now button below to make your payment (major credit cards are accepted) and then we will email the MP3 file to you.

Build your knowledge, confidence, and improve efficiencies!


This space is intended to document suggested Form 5500 related hot topics that commonly need further clarification. The 5500 Club will address all suggestions submitted. Please send your suggestions to: Info@form5500prep.com and they will then be entered here.